Kariobangi Baptist Youth Center

Kariobangi Baptist Youth Center is a full primary school comprising of over 300 students, many of whom reside in Korogocho slums. Parents to most of these children live in deplorable conditions hence we make it a point as an institution to provide meals to the children so that to make the learning process easier.

With prayer and determination, we encourage this hopeful souls to work hard inorder to achieve their life-long ambitions and goals.

Need and Prayer items for the youth center

  1. Funds for feeding of 300 children in Korogocho slums: For $7 a month you can feed a child at the youth center
  2. Staff salaries: We have 28 staff members who work with the children, for $150 you can support a teacher's salary.
  3. Bibles: For $10 you can help us put full bible in the hands of one child including the muslim children who are part of our centre
  4. Uniforms for the children:With $10 you can help us give a full uniform to all our children at the youth centre.
  5. Child sponsorship opportunity is available for $25 you can sponsor a child.